AC1 HIgh Performance Masonry Paint Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

" I used Glixtone Masonry Paint on my house in Dartmoor National Park; one of the wettest places in England. I ordered 50 litres and still have 30 litres in the garage unused, the coverage was exceptional. Three years later the house looks immaculate, completely weatherproof and looks like new. As my decorator says, its the best exterior paint he has ever used."

David Roberts

" It really is a confidence booster for us and our clients to know we are supplying the best masonry paint product on the Market. We walk away from every project knowing this to be true, as our most senior painter of 45 years says it really is the best paint he has ever painted with! "

Derek Doyle - Managing Director of Protectall Coatings Dublin and Galway

" I have a 1700’s Cottage with the old Lime render and I have been told it needs to breathe…Glixtone is exceptionally breathable I was told and 4 years on no problems unlike the cheap brick paint I used which made the inside walls wet and damp. "

Mr John Sneed in Buckinghamshire

" I am a Decorator and I used AC1 on a specified job and have now painted my own house with Glixtone because it looks so good. The specifier said that it does last for years looking like new. "

Mathew Preece - D Preece and Son Décor Stourport on Severn

" Knowing Glixtone products I had no hesitation but to use Glixtone High Performance Smooth Masonry Paint when my own house needed painting. I know that this is used on Brighton Pavilion, The Town Hall and many other prestigious buildings. The protection it gives is in excess of 30 years and the finish remains as though it has just been painted. I did not realise though how good the finished job would look and how bright the paint is in the sunshine. It is also dirt resistant and so will keep clean and fresh every time it rains. It is also very competitively priced for a paint of this quality and longevity. "

Nick Hodgetts – Belbroughton, Worcestershire

" I have been a Professional Decorator for over 30 years and this is the BEST Masonry Paint I have ever used. It flows so easily and the coverage is unbelievable. When I cleaned my Paint Kettles and Roller trays out the layered dried paint peeled off and I could stretch it like elastic. I only use this on Masonry jobs now as my customers cannot believe how good it looks and it will not crack or discolour like some other paints I have used. "

Dave Preece - MP Decorators Kidderminster