Glixtone Fungi-Shield Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“As a major independent merchant, Bromborough Paints stock FS42 Fungi-Shield and GS36 Sterilising Solution.  We supply Painting Contractors, Universities, Housing Associations etc and have never had a complaint – Excellent product range”.

Mr Andrew Ferguson
Bromborough Paints
Trade Sales

“We have used Glixtone Fungi-Shield for over 5 years mainly on social housing contracts and student accommodation in the Merseyside area.  We have never experienced any failures.

Mr Ray Crookall
Contracts Manager
A W Byrne Contracting

“We have been using Glixtone Fungi-Shield for over 3 years in student accommodation in Liverpool. Known in our company as “Magic Paint” because it always works on mould and blackspot.

Mr Neil Donoghue
Southern Plus Limited

“I have used this paint for many years whilst employed by Sandwell MBC. The product is excellent to apply and consistently gives a quality finish!”.

Mr Steve Bell
Sandwell MBC
Painting Contractor

“One of the best paints I have ever used!”

Mr R Khan
Sandwell MBC
Painting Contractor

“Very good product, used many times in many properties”.

Mr Gordon Haddon
Sandwell MBC
Painting Contractor

“Since moving into my house I have had continuous trouble with mould in the old pantry downstairs and a cupboard in the master bedroom. This problem became even worse when I installed central heating into the property. At least twice a year I would have to clean all the walls of both cupboards with bleach and repaint them. Within a few months these walls would again be covered in a vile black mould. I constantly used moisture traps and have even installed air vents in the doors to increase the air flow. My property is a single skin brick cottage which allows air to cool quickly on the cupboard walls. I have even used dehumidifiers to try and resolve the problem, but with no success as the mould continued to return. No matter what I tried the problem reoccurred.

Last year I found Glixtone Fungi-Shield treatment and paint through a friend of mine. I first cleaned the room with water and bleach then used the treatment on all the walls. I left the cupboards for three days then painted both rooms with Glixtone Fungi-Shield White paint. I can honestly say that 13 months later there is no sign of black mould in either cupboard. I am extremely pleased with these products and the results are excellent. The cupboards are mould free and look better now than they have been in the 9 years I have lived there.

I would be more than happy to recommend Glixtone Fungi-Shield  to anyone who has mould issues in their properties”.

Philip Webley
Assistant Learning Manager Design Technology
Hillcrest School & Sixth Form Centre
Stonehouse Lane
Bartley Green
B32 3AE
0121 464 3172

“As an experienced landlord and owner of a lettings agency, we were struggling to find a decorative solution to the problem of mould, which is usually caused by condensation.  We have tried several products however it wasn’t until we found Glixtone Fungi-Shield paint that we now have a viable cost effective solution that absolutely works.  This paint is now used effectively in the prevention of mould and black spot in all of our properties under management as well as my own.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to any end user looking to resolve mould and black spot in their homes”

Ian Crampton
 Sales Director
 Ferndown Estates Ltd