Glixtone Fungi-Shield

sGlixtone Fungi-Shield is an interior highly decorative washable paint for any internal areas that are susceptible to mould and is approved by the National Landlords Association.

Landlords face an on-going battle with properties and the infestation of mould which is both unsightly and a health hazard to their Tenants. Re-decoration is expensive, time consuming and disruptive. If Health Inspectors are notified this can also be a real problem to Landlords. GLIXTONE FUNGI-SHIELD will not stop condensation or damp but when applied it is impossible for mould spores to survive on its surface as the active biocide is distributed evenly over the whole paint film and will keep killing the spores on contact. This is a LONG LASTING solution to what can be a never ending battle.

environmental friendly

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Health and Safety Sheet FS43 Application Method GLIXTONE Fungi-Shield FAQs