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GLIXTONE Specialist Decorative Paints

Glixtone Specialist Decorative Coatings

Trimite’s specialist Glixtone brand supplies problem-solving decorative paints for building maintenance.

The Glixtone range includes:


Glixtone paints and maintenance coatings are manufactured to the highest standards using the best raw materials available. This means that Glixtone products are superb quality and extremely effective – and cost-effective. This is why Glixtone products are widely used and specified by housing associations, local authorities, contractors and retailers. See our Testimonials.

Glixtone products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Redditch, one of the most advanced paint factories in Europe – we are proud to be a UK based coatings supplier.

Glixtone paints are available through a national range of specialist paint distributors.

Glixtone Fungi-Shield and Sterilising Solution cans of paint.
Brighton architecture. Old town buildings.

Professional Associations

Glixtone are a ‘Recognised Supplier‘ to the NRLA (National Residential Landlords Association) due to the high effectiveness of Fungi-Shield Anti Mould paint.

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Glixtone’s parent company, Trimite Global Coatings, are:

  • Member of the British Coatings Federation
  • Sustaining Member of the Institute of Materials Finishing
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What our customers say

“We have used Glixtone Fungi-Shield for over 5 years mainly on social housing contracts and student accommodation in the Merseyside area. We have never experienced any failures.”
Mr Ray Crookall, Contracts Manager
A W Byrne Contracting
"It really is a confidence booster for us and our clients to know we are supplying the best masonry paint product on the Market. We walk away from every project knowing this to be true, as our most senior painter of 45 years says it really is the best paint he has ever painted with!"
Derek Doyle
Managing Director, Protectall Coatings Dublin and Galway