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Sterilising Solution


Bottles of Glixtone Fungi-Shield Sterilising Solution on pale grey background.
black mould on ceiling near window and net curtains

Glixtone Sterilising Solution is used to sterilise prepared surfaces, prior to the application of Glixtone Fungi-Shield Anti Mould Paint.

This product is designed to kill, and prevent the regrowth of, mould, algae and fungus.

  • Eliminates spores
  • Colourless
  • Concentrated product
  • Easy to apply



Glixtone Sterilising Solution (GS36) comes in 240 ml bottles and is a highly concentrated product which must be diluted before use – this makes it very economical.

Dilution: Glixtone Sterilising Solution (GS36) should be diluted before use. To use a whole 240 ml bottle, dilute with water up to a total of 5 litres. If you do not need so much diluted solution, mark off the 240 ml bottle into 5 equal parts, and dilute one part of the bottle up to 1 litre with water.

Wash the affected areas with the diluted solution and allow to dry.

After treating as above, you may sometimes notice a ‘stained’ area. These are mould spores, which may grow back. To any such ‘stained’ areas, apply some UNDILUTED Glixtone Sterilising Solution (GS36), using a sponge and rubber or disposable gloves. Wipe over the stained area with the Sterilising Solution but DO NOT WASH IT OFF. Leave the area to FULLY dry. This will kill the mould spores and seal against oxygen ingress.

If there are other stains – such as water marks, rust stains etc. – then a ‘Stain Block’ should be used prior to application of Glixtone Fungi–Shield Anti Mould Paint.

When completely dry, Glixtone Fungi–Shield Anti Mould Paint can now be painted over the whole area.

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