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Tough-Cote Textured Finish

Glixtone Tough-Cote High Build - Textured Final Finish Paint (EM18)

15 years protection wreath logo in gold
Textured exterior masonry coating magnolia
Plastic tubs of Glixtone Tough-Cote textured masonry coating on a pale grey background.

Glixtone Tough-Cote is a highly textured, through-colour finish masonry paint. Manufactured to the highest standards, it has an expected life of up to 15 years. It provides a long-lasting protective and decorative textured finish.

It is highly flexible and durable, even in extreme weather, and is suitable for use internally or externally on all common building substrates.

  • Highly flexible – will conceal hairline cracks
  • Easy to apply by roller or trowel
  • Contains a highly effective fungicide/algaecide to protect against fungal or organic growth
  • UV protection for long-lasting colour
  • Extremely cost-effective – excellent coverage rates
  • Contains crushed marble aggregates for durability
  • Water based – Environmentally Friendly


Glixtone Tough-Cote is available in White and Magnolia. It can however be overcoated with a good quality masonry paint if a different colour is required.