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Ultimate Masonry Paint

Glixtone Ultimate High Performance Smooth Masonry Paint (AC1)

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Cans of Glixtone Masonry Paint AC1 on pale grey background.

It really is a confidence booster for us and our clients to know we are supplying the best masonry paint product on the Market (see our Testimonials).

Glixtone Masonry Paint (AC1) is a product at the very top of its class – this is why we are confident to say it has up to 30 years expected life.

It has been specially designed for building masonry exteriors in  harsh environments such as:

  • Harbour buildings
  • Seafront housing and hotels
  • Marina walls
  • Boatyards

and any area susceptible to extreme weather or carbon pollution.

Formulated to the very highest standards for durability and cost effectiveness, Glixtone Masonry Paint enhances the exterior appearance of buildings whilst providing an exceptional level of protection from the elements.

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Key properties include:

  • Outstanding resistance to weathering and UV stable
  • Highly flexible – elastomeric film resists cracking and moves with the substrate
  • Breathable – extremely high moisture vapour permeability
  • Anti-carbonation properties
  • Dirt repellent and resistant to fungal growth
  • Excellent salt, alkali and acid resistance
  • Waterproof & blister proof
  • Protects against oil & grease